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ComCo Trading Co Ltd.

Physical commodities brokerage with over 25 years of experience in connecting international buyers and Vietnamese local suppliers. 
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Les Monts

Supplier of high-quality Arabica specialty coffee and crafter of heart-warming coffee cups for all coffee lovers since 2015. 
Our Mission

"To connect the world on quality produces


brew true happiness from the very first crack."


ComCo Trading Co Ltd.

ComCo Trading's story began in 2001. Built by the will and commitment of a small team under the guidance of Ms Nhung Ngoc Ly. Their mission, to make a positive impact on the Vietnamese agricultural and soft commodities industries by connecting international buyers to Vietnam's most reputable suppliers, with a primary focus on Robusta, Arabica beans and spices. Over the years, this mission has also been expanded to sourcing best-in-class, international specialty coffee to help coffee shop owners build unique offerings for the Vietnamese local market. 

The ComCo's family's unwavering passion for their work and their aptitude in building multi-decades relationships with buyers, suppliers and farmers had led to their success in establishing a well-respected business that specialises in brokering international commodities transactions and supplying specialty coffee for the Vietnamese local market.



Our boutique specialist team will liaise and work from end to end to assure that the quality of the transacted commodities from Vietnam are consistently at the top of their range.      
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Specialty Supplier

Our meticulous sourcing team will work tirelessly to bring home the highest quality specialty beans, so that coffee shop owners can bring their sensational product offerings to all coffee lovers. 
How we can help
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Les Monts

In 2014, the journey of Les Monts was ignited by the ComCo's family obsession of being able to drink the best cup of coffee, every day.


As time went by, their personal agenda had slowly morphed itself into a public mission, to make the best cup of coffee, every day, for everyone, whilst offering a unique experience through a rich and wide variety of coffee profiles.

They now know that "a good cup of coffee is for drinking, but the best one is made for sharing".

The Les Monts experience began with a coffee bean, a specialty coffee bean, sourced from mountains and oceans away, grown by passionate farmers with generational connections to the soil of foreign lands, themselves.

It is then roasted to perfection by a team of coffee artists. And finally, brew into sensational droplets of coffee, for coffee lovers to experience. 

Les Monts History
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