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Specialty Expertise
Our Specialty Expertise

"Passion for quality and quality for value" is ComCo Trading's mission when it comes to the sourcing of specialty coffee beans. Since our inception in 2014, we have developed a deep affection and belief that coffee is and should be something special to every person's way of life.


Coffee holds different values and goals for each individual. Each personal value and goal will bring out a different taste to each cup. This can range from a coffee shop owners' passion to build their own unique offerings, coffee lovers, experiencing the world of coffee in their own accord, roasteries, crafting their distinctive and personal profiles, and the barista communities, brewing their own perfect cup of coffee.

Therefore, it is ComCo's target to source the best-quality specialty beans within their range to assist our wonderful coffee community in experiencing and finding their own cup of coffee.

ComCo's specialty beans are sourced with care under a well-researched approach before they reach the hand of each and every customer. Our beans are always managed and stored under the best conditions so that our customers can know at heart that we care about what truly matters: coffee, and the personal experience of coffee. 

Specialty Process


Quality beans, sourced with care and heart by people also understand the true value and importance of each coffee cup, offering our customers a peace of mind.



We carefully examine the quality of the beans assuring its value and consistency to bring our customers what they need.



Coffee beans are stored with utmost care prior to reaching the hands of our customers, letting them focus on what truly matters, their personal experience in the world of coffee.

Our Specialty Line
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